How to Start & Build An Acting Career

Every year, thousands of people decide to chase the dream of becoming an actor. And every year, thousands of people let that dream die.

Becoming an actor is an endeavor that requires a lot of talent, but actors also need to understand how Hollywood works and how to break in. That understanding is crucial for an aspiring performer to have a real shot at a successful acting career.

Some are able to see their acting dream come true. But others find themselves stuck in cinematic purgatory, always playing the same bit parts, and wondering how they came up short.

Most people think that all it takes is talent to get ahead in Hollywood, but the reality is that an understanding of the system is what actors and actresses really need. And even then, succeeding in this business takes a ton of dedication. The fact of the matter is, if you want to make it in Hollywood, you not only need courage, but also a profound awareness of how this industry works.

Take Brad Pitt, for example.

In 1986, when Brad Pitt was just 2 credits shy of graduating from the University of Missouri, he made the seemingly irrational decision to drop out of college and ran off to Hollywood.

That spring, Brad packed his bags, hopped into his car, and with just $325.25 in his pockets, he headed for California. He had virtually no acting experience and zero training, but he decided that he simply loved movies so much that he just couldn't settle for a normal life.

When he finally reached Los Angeles, he moved into an apartment in North Hollywood with eight other guys. They had no furniture and no beds to sleep in. Just a sleeping bag for each of them, a TV, a stereo, and a toaster oven.

To pay their bills, the guys would go to a place called the Job Factory to work odd jobs. You think waiting tables is bad? Brad's jobs included moving refrigerators, selling cigarettes, and once, he had to dress up as a giant chicken and stand out on Sunset Blvd in 100° weather.

Like any other beginner actor, he started his movie career doing extra work as a background "actor". And after a year of this, he managed to land an agent, and started booking small roles like his guest spot on Dallas, and small movies like Cutting Class.

With his career plan designed for upward mobility, he finally landed his first major role: J.D. in Thelma & Louise. He only played a supporting part in this movie, but upon its release, Brad was exposed to a whole new world.

It would be this role that would legitimize him to the industry and make him known to A-list filmmakers, studios and casting directors. And just a few months later, he got the lead in his first big hit, A River Runs Through It.

The result? Brad Pitt's salary sky-rocketed from $6,000, which he was paid for Thelma & Louise, to $500,000, which he was paid for Kalifornia, a film that was released 11 months after the huge success of A River Runs Through It. And just a few short years later, he got paid $4 million to star in the blockbuster Se7en.

The Hollywood players don't have time to hold your hand and teach you the ways the industry works. They sort out the ones with real potential from the horde of wannabes, toss them into the mill, and hope that a shiny new star will form.

What you'll discover with CelebSystem is how to become a part of that small handful chosen from the herd of wannabes, how to make all the right moves to get ahead, and most importantly, how to maintain your star status once you've achieved it.

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