Acting Auditions 12 Year Olds

Acting auditions for 12 year olds are a great way for young actors and actresses to show off their talent and start their acting careers. However, most successful child actors and actresses have also had at least some kind of professional acting training.

Becoming a successful actor or actress is an endeavor that requires an incredible amount of talent, and those who practice their craft and learn what they need to know from good sources have a real chance at Disney channel and movie stardom.

Some kids are able to make their acting dream come true. Others never quite get there, growing up and either leaving the dream behind, or chasing it forever.

A lot of people think that all kids have natural talent, but the reality is that most children that want to become actors and actresses need to have their skills focussed by a professional acting coach to bring out their maximum potential.

The kids who go to performing arts schools and study in acting classes are the ones who end up in movies and on the Disney Channel, and they're the ones who have the real opportunity to become Hollywood stars.

Take Miley Cyrus, for example.

Before Miley Cyrus moved to Los Angeles, she went to a regular public school just like other kids, and aside from her dad being a singer, her life was pretty ordinary.

In 2001, after her father took her to a stage production of Mamma Mia!, she turned to him and said, "This is what I want to do, daddy. I want to be an actress."

After expressing those sentiments, Billy Ray enrolled Miley in acting and singing classes at the Armstrong Acting Studio in Toronto. It was there that she learned to sing properly and perfected her craft as an actress.

But it would be years before anything would really come of it.

In 2004, she found out about a casting for a new Disney Channel show called Hannah Montana. She originally sent in a tape auditioning for the best friend role, but thanks to her years of singing and acting training, the casting directors found her so good that she was asked to audition for the lead role.

She sent in another tape and flew to Hollywood for further auditions, but she was told that she was too young and small for the part. But in spite of that, the producer's found her acting and singing abilities so enthralling that she was invited back for further auditions.

After a year of sending tapes and traveling and auditioning, Miley Cyrus finally got the lead role in Hannah Montana, a breakout show that ended up becoming the Disney Channel's biggest show ever.

The result? Opportunities to go on world tours, offers to star in her own movies, and a salary increase from $15,000 per episode into the millions. But it's at that point that the difference between real movie stars and those who got lucky get sorted out.

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