Audition Scripts For Disney Channel

Audition scripts for the Disney Channel are great tools for young actors and actresses to prepare with when starting their acting careers. But finding auditions and knowing what to do to get the part is something most parents don't know about.

Becoming a child actor or actress is an endeavor that requires a lot of talent, but parents also need to understand a lot about Hollywood and how to help their kids break in. That understanding is necessary for child actors and actresses to have a real chance at getting on a show on the Disney Channel.

Some kids are able to see their acting dream come true. Others never quite get there, growing up and leaving the dream behind.

A lot of people think that all it takes is talent, but the reality is that an understanding of the system is necessary for a child to get ahead in Hollywood. And even then, succeeding in this industry takes a lot of hard work. The fact of the matter is, the ones who are courageous and who are willing to put in the work are the ones who will prosper.

Take Miley Cyrus, for example.

Before Miley Cyrus moved to Los Angeles, she went to a regular public school just like other kids, and aside from her dad being a singer, her life was pretty ordinary.

In 2001, after her father took her to a stage production of Mamma Mia!, she turned to him and said, "This is what I want to do, daddy. I want to be an actress."

After expressing those sentiments, Billy Ray enrolled Miley in performing arts schools to give her an edge. But it would be years before anything would become of it.

In 2004, she found out about a casting for a new Disney Channel show called Hannah Montana. They originally sent in a tape of Miley auditioning for the best friend role, but thanks to her singing and acting talent, the casting directors found her so good that she was asked to audition for the lead role.

She sent in another tape and flew with her parents to Hollywood for further auditions, but she was told that she was too young and small for the part. In spite of that, the producer's found her acting and singing abilities so enthralling that they were invited back for further auditions.

After a year of sending tapes and traveling and auditioning, Miley Cyrus finally got the lead role in Hannah Montana, a breakout show that ended up becoming the Disney Channel's biggest show ever.

The result? Opportunities to go on world tours, offers to star in her own movies, and a salary increase from $15,000 per episode into the millions.

The Hollywood players don't have time to hold your hand and teach you the ways the industry works. They sort out the ones with real potential from the horde of wannabes, toss them into the mill, and hope that a shiny new star will form.

What you'll discover with CelebSystem is how to become a part of that small handful chosen from the herd of wannabes, how to make all the right moves to get ahead, and most importantly, how to maintain your star status once you've achieved it.

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